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Brand name Im Flower Tea

Healthy diet flower tea that even pregnant women can drink

Red ginseng flower tea
Red ginseng is widely known to have good effects on our body such as osteoporosis, anemia, chronic fatigue, and improved memory.

Give your body a special, patented "Red Ginseng Flower Tea" of I'm Flower T.

Flower Tea Manual
You can enjoy hot tea in spring, summer, autumn and winter by brewing flower tea in boiling water. In hot summer, enjoy cool water and ice.
Most flower teas have a diuretic effect, which is helpful for diet.

Chrysanthemum flower tea
It clears the head and is good for blood circulation and headaches. Makes the skin clear.
1. Yellow chrysanthemum flower tea taste and aroma-It is full of floral scent and has a rich flavor, and it can be considered as the basic among flower tea.
2. Dark chrysanthemum flower tea-It is softer than yellow chrysanthemum flower tea, and flower tea enthusiasts enjoy drinking dark chrysanthemum flower tea.

Cockscomb flower tea
Liver heat poison treatment, hemostasis, diet effect

Mallow flower tea
Lymph node tuberculosis good for women with hypochondrium
If you think about the efficacy, it is recommended to drink it cold if you want to drink it warmly with your eyes.

Amaranth flower tea
Has a mild scent and taste, enhances immunity, improves skin, and prevents aging.

Pansy flower tea
Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, anti-aging
It has a fragrant aroma and taste, and is worrisome as a green and blue tea depending on the water from purple petals.

Marigold Flower Tea
Korean name marigold-Rich in lutein (good for eyes) and anti-inflammatory antibacterial effect.
You can find a subtle taste and aroma.

Lavender flower tea

Recommended for people with a lot of insomnia.

Enjoy tea while feeling the scent of lavender.

Jasmine Flower Tea

Jasmine includes adult diseases and cancer prevention, female disease prevention, stress relief, depression prevention, weight loss, blood circulation, immunity improvement, skin care, etc.

It is a good car for women. Enjoy delicious and healthy tea.

Stevia Leaf Tea
It is famous enough to be used a lot for diabetic patients.
It has a sugar content 300 times higher than sugar, but its calories are very low, so it is effective in diet and is used as a natural sweetener.
If you drink it cold, your mouth will feel clean and refreshing.

Cheon Ilhong Flower Tea
Blood circulation, cholesterol breakdown, stop coughing, good for asthma
The tea with pink color is very popular because of concern.

Sunflower flower tea
Removes wind, clears eyes, relieves swelling, and is recommended for many people with large petals.

Peony flower tea
The nature is cold, diuretic action allows you to urinate and treats prenatal and postpartum illnesses.
It has a bitter and sour taste.

Tricolor Swallow Tea
It is effective for arthritis, muscle pain, and neuralgia and lowers fever.
It is famous for its edible flowers and is often used in food.

Rose flower tea
Aging detox skin improvement
It has a bitter taste and sweetness, and has a fascinating taste and aroma due to its strong scent.

Green tea
Relieves fatigue, strengthens immunity.
It is also called a domestic lime, and you can taste the sweet and sour taste.

Lemon blending
Increases metabolism and lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the liver
It promotes digestion, improves bad breath and prevents gum disease.
Sweet and sour taste and aroma.

I'm Flower Tea Set
A set where you can taste 9 kinds of tea

Cornflower flower tea
It is excellent in diuretic action and is also good for coughing and bronchitis.

Cherry blossom tea

Detoxification, vitamin-rich (vitamins A, B, E) skin disease prevention, and contains stric acid to wash away fatigue substances.

It is also said to have been used as an antidote to diabetes, athlete's foot, and eczema.

Cherry blossom tea is recommended for those with skin problems, also called'skin care'.
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