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Flower Tea
  • 20,000USD
    Sweet tea blended with cherry blossoms, rosemary and strawberries
    # Cherry blossom language # purity. A saving beauty
  • 20,000USD
    Gentle tea to enjoy the natural scent of lavender
    #Lavender flower language #Expectation #Silence #Answer me
  • 20,000USD
    Sweet tea blended with chrysanthemum, lemon balm, and mango
    #Chrysanthemum flower language #Unrequited love
  • 20,000USD
    Sweet tea with a blend of stevia and lemongrass apples
    #Stevia's flower language #deepens love
  • 20,000USD
    A soft, sweet and sour tea blended with tricolor violets and stevia
    #Three-colored violet flower language #Think of me
  • 20,000USD
    Sweet and sour tea blended with a rose and lemon
    #Rose flower language #Passive love
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